30 Min: Guided Imagery Meditation


With this 30-minute guided meditation accompanied by ambient background music, finding stress relief and inner peace is as easy as pressing play.

Product Description

With this wonderful Guided Imagery Meditation, you can practice at home or use during your breaks, to enter in to a meditation state quickly and easily.

Relaxation expands our awareness and makes us more balanced and mindful, and the person who resonates with calmness has a greater inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each other.

Hello, my name is Jason Cain, I am the proprietor of Zeropointman.com – the Website for personal development and spiritual exploration.

I have created this 30-minute guided meditation , as a gentle but powerful technique that focuses the imagination in proactive, positive ways .

This Guided imagery meditation involves all the senses, not just the visual sense – and it is experienced throughout the body, not just mentally.

This audio catalyzes a naturally immersive altered state, it is rightly called a form of self-hypnosis as well

Guided Imagery as a form of meditation, can be used to deliver multiple layers of complex, encoded messages deep inside the subconscious via simple images, sensations, symbols and metaphors, received in an altered or trance-like state.

And because it mobilizes subconscious processes to assist with conscious goals, it can bring to bear much more of the whole person to get behind a desired end.

Guided Meditation: 30 Minute Guided Imagery Meditation for Sleep,

Relaxation, and Stress Relief

Just Let Go

Evidence Based Research

The effectiveness of guided imagery has been validated by research, as having a positive impact on health, wellness, attitude, behavioral change and peak performance.

  • Less than 10 minutes of meditation can reduce stress, blood pressure.
  • It can heighten short- term immune cell activity, and it can speed up healing.
  • It’s been shown to reduce blood loss during surgery.
  • Meditation lowers anxiety and pain.
  • It increases athletic mastery at skiing, skating, shooting, golf and tennis; and skill and confidence at writing, acting, singing, test-taking and public speaking.
  • It increases purposeful and mental will.
  • It has been proven invaluable during medical procedures like chemotherapy and dialysis.
  • Regular use of guided imagery meditation can heighten access to emotional depth,  spirituality, intuition, creativity, abstract thinking and empathy.

Who Can Use It?...

It works across differences in education, class, race, gender, vitality, culture and age – a truly equal opportunity resource.

no training or discipline – just the ability to press Play.

and even fall asleep while listening and it will still get through, yielding benefits to even a sleeping end-user.

Make peace a choice!

Guided imagery meditation can be a surprisingly powerful tool …

  • Meditation will help change your habits and your mindset to develop lasting change.
  • Meditation will change your thought process, increase your productivity and change your life.
  • Remember, It’s your ACTIONS that effect and change your life, joy, and purpose.

The FREE 30 day trial membership with your purchase with allow you to re-download your 3-minute relaxation audio 5 more times within the 30 days and will also give you access to the PDF version of blog articles, and a 9% discount on other products available on zeropointman.com/products


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