Nine Paths to Enlightenment and the Six Self-Deceits



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Enlightened mystics of the past had three (3) Common Denominator:

No Mind, Gathering Awareness, Dissolving of the Self/Ego identity

Come with me and take that step towards ENLIGHTENMENT!!

“Nine Paths to Enlightenment and the Six Self-Deceits”

Expresses the mystic’s solitary concern with self’s delusions and the realization of a higher self,

As Jason guides you to understand your true nature, the selfish ego will fade into obscurity as you penetrate the veil of non-being to transcend the ego bound mind.

You can achieve your spiritual goals, and change your life, it requires only an awareness of self’s doing and, a smidgen of commitment and a desire to succeed.

“Nine Paths to Enlightenment and the Six Self-Deceits” is a map of consciousness, a guild to the higher states of awareness...

The idea of spiritual enlightenment is not a new idea and there have been numerous examples of people throughout history that have claimed to have become illuminated.

Self is not who we are, it cannot even can be considered fully sentient. It is instead a parasitical imitation of awareness,

With the distilling of the mind, consciousness comes into harmony with the Way; the lower five sense the end of their reign.

Assimilation stage where Self learns to balance the power of Eternity thought the Sila Nexus


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Journey with Jason into the world of a mystic, as he unravels the mysteries of the spirit to illuminate the mind.

A journey that will expose the falsehood of both religious ideology and pretentious intellectual’s with their ego centered philosophies.

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Hello, my name is Jason Cain, I am the proprietor of – the Website for personal development and spiritual exploration.

I have studied and lived the life of the Mystic for many decades, I have not blindly accepted any one ideology or religion at face value, but have instead challenged and tested their conventional ideas, without favor for any single philosophy, religion or cultural ideals, testing and discarding any processes, practices and concepts that do not produce practical and perceptible results.

In this book I have resurrected ancient wisdom and translated it into a modern form that maps the human psyche through the nine stages of growth until full enlightenment, while also marking the dangers and Self Deceits a Mystic will face in this journey.

We live in a world that has lost the Way and knowledge on how to become spiritually fulfilled and how to reach our full potential of super consciousness.

We are drowning in gurus that sit around playacting at being enlightened, sharing empty promises while wasting their follower’s valuable lives.

This book is a guide to understanding self-awareness, a journey that will allow you to explore your own personal spiritual journey without the need for a guru, and without surrendering your identity to the latest New Age fad or religion.

If you are intelligent and independent of mind, with an unquenching desire for truth. Then this is the journey you will not be enable to avoid.


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