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Read and learn about meditation, mindfulness and the cultivation of self realization in a world that tries to limit our potential, yet is filled with possibilities. Its time to check in with yourself and determine who and what you are.

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if you’re ready to take control of your life and get rid of limiting beliefs, that have been holding you back, then Zeropointman.com is the game changer that you need in your corner.

Master Meditation Instructor

As your advocate for self-mastery Jason is here to guide you in your meditation studies



Jason brings you a modern unique understanding of the journey to self-realization.

Journey Beyond Self

If you have asked the age-old question, “Who am I?”  Then ZeropointMan.com will become your bible, as we journey into the unknowable together.

Jason Cain

Jason Cain is the founder and writer behind Zeropointman.com. Jason understands what it feels like to break free from social indoctrination and our own self-imposed ideals to embrace true self-realization. It’s not always an easy road, but worth it to truly embrace life for what it really is and not what we’re programmed to believe it is.

Jason while traveling through India, had the amazing opportunity to study along side the Siddhars of Southern India living an ascetic life of meditation and yoga training. Spending over two decade as a wandering ascetic before finally experiencing a profound self-realization during a yearlong solitary retreat in the desert of outback central Australia.

Today, Jason lives the simple life while sharing all things philosophical and spiritual as an Author, Poet, Meditation coach and Blogger, via Zeropointman.com

Given Jason’s history and personal experiences, it’s no surprise that he writes mainly about the spiritual and mystical aspects needed to achieve self-realization. Joy, creativity, and natural inquisitiveness is our birth right and we are all given a choice to embrace our lives with optimism or negativity—and this choice makes all the difference.

It is Jason’s hope—through his Books, Blogs and Online Training —that he can help others leave behind self-centered, negative lifestyles and the things that hold them back from discovering their true self.

Jason’s biggest hope is to help others rediscover their own self-realized nature and inner harmony while living the lives they’ve always wanted.

Jason is also the author of Sit, Walk, Love— a legacy from the teachings of a modern unique mystic, describing the journey to self-realization through the stages of personal ego. A bibliographical tale that interweaves self’s struggle while offering a wealth of practical technical details so that the reader has as clear path to enlightenment.

Other books, Audios and Training Modules by Jason include: Songs of a Mystic, Creating A Meditation Habit That Sticks, A Complete Beginners Guide To Yoga, 7 Days How to Meditate Made Easy, 21 Day Meditation Challenge, 30 Days Beginners In-depth Meditation Course, A Guided imagery meditation Audio.