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Read and learn about meditation, mindfulness and the cultivation of self realization in a world that tries to limit our potential, yet is filled with possibilities. Its time to check in with yourself and determine who and what you are.

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if you’re ready to take control of your life and get rid of limiting beliefs, that have been holding you back, then Zeropointman.com is the game changer that you need in your corner.

Master Meditation Instructor

As your advocate for self-mastery Jason is here to guide you in your meditation studies

Jason Cain & zeropointman.com
Jason Cain & zeropointman.com


Jason brings you a modern unique understanding of the journey to self-realization.

Journey Beyond Self

If you have asked the age-old question, “Who am I?”  Then ZeropointMan.com will become your bible, as we journey into the unknowable together.

Jason Cain & zeropointman.com


Hello my friends,

My name is Jason Cain and it would give me great pleasure if you would join me on my spiritual adventure of discovery as I explore the world of the mystics and journey beyond self to discover my potential, and throughout this journey I will share with you what I learn and useful tips which you can then use in your own spiritual journey.

I will challenge conventional wisdom from an unbiased and rational perspective, without favor for any single philosophy, religion or cultural ideals, testing and discarding any processes, practices and concepts that do not produce practical and perceptible results. Unraveling the mysteries of the spiritual through my personal journey and quest for truth and illumination. A journey that will expose the falsehood of both religious ideology and pretentious intellectual’s with their ego centered philosophies.

At fifteen I was sent to work in the mines near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, which is located in the middle of Northern Australia, at the age of sixteen I was able to buy an old van and left the mines for a life of travel and adventure. During this time I not only taught myself to read and write, but also graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Business I.T and an Advanced Diploma of Nursing (EEN), I have also studied Philosophy, World Religions, Zazen, Yoga, Shamanism, and even modern New Age Spirituality, while simultaneously delving into the Behavioral Sciences in order to understand my own motives and humanities deeper nature.

I have spent over four decades in researching spiritual ideas and traveled the world in search of this understanding, living the life of a wandering ascetic concentrating on deep meditation and yoga training, before finally experiencing profound self-realization during a yearlong solitary retreat in the central desert of Australia. Through this realization I now recognize that we are beings of unlimited potential, but to create the life we want we must own our own SELF, and although this is not always an easy road. It is a road worth traveling to truly embrace life for what it really is and not what we’re programmed to believe it is.

Through my Books, Blogs and Training Modules at zeropointman.com. I can help you to leave behind your old self, the negative lifestyle and the things that are holding you back from discovering your true Self-Realized beingness.

So why not join me zeropointman.com and help yourself to rediscover your true self-realized nature and inner harmony while living the life you have always wanted. And if you find any value or joy in my content, please consider becoming a Supporting Patron, or by purchasing my Products or joining in my Online Training Modules.