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Ah Vibrational Mantra Meditation

Ah Vibrational Mantra Meditation

PODCAST AUDIO available follow the link: Combination Ah mantra and Guided Grounding Meditation

You can also watch the video version on YouTube.

Mantra is the repeated use of a particular sound or short phrase, and has been used for thousands of years in meditation and spiritual practices to help focus and transform subtle energies within us and surrounding us. Through the repeated use of words or sounds and vibrations the mantra chant relaxes the body and mind, stilling the senses and heightening awareness.

Mantra chanting, whether it’s from a simple individual prayer, to a whole gathering of people chanting in unison, is believed to bring about a transformation that leads the chanter closer to the spiritual and many believe that chanting, whether it be a Judeo-Christian prayer, or a Hindu or Buddhist mantra, helps the chanter become more aware of the spiritual, lifting them to a higher spiritual awareness.

Chanting Placebo Effect or Science Fact

The effects of chanting are not just based on belief, or a placebo effect. Science has also researched the effect of chanting in an attempt to understand why chanting produces the effects it does. What they discovered was that chanting had both a Neuro-Linguistic Effect and a Psycho-Linguistic Effect. The (NLE) is a melodious effect created by the rhythmic tones of chanting, and the (PLE) was the minds reaction to the meaning of the chant being chanted. These two effects signal the brain to release hormones that have a healing, and feel-good effect.

Other studies have shown that heart rate and blood pressure dip while chanting, as well as adrenaline levels, studies have also shown that chatting has an effect on brainwave patterns and inhibits the release of stress-hormones, due to the vibrations of the sounds produced during chanting.

Whether it’s during meditation, yoga, prayer, or even just to take a short break from the rigors of everyday life, chanting can definitely improve your well-being. Vibrational chanting will stimulate the life flow through the vibration of the mantras sound, and if you are feeling stuck, whether you cannot seem to make progress, or the energy of your life and your spirit is feeling blocked. Mantra chanting can help to move the stagnating energy, so that energy is stimulated to flow.

AH Mantra

This Ah Mantra will also help to anchor you in your body and in the here and now, and it will probably quieten most of your internal chatter and anxiety, and will help you to become connected to the healing and empowering energies which enable us to restore natural balance and harmony in our lives.

The Ah Mantra practice is very simple and direct. All that is necessary to prepare for this type of meditation practice is to relax, sit or lay comfortably, and ride the mantra until you feel calm, centered in the present, and energized.

Chant the mantra on each out-breath, drawing out the word while focusing the sounds vibration in the navel, you may also find yourself randomly chanting Ah with no apparent pattern. It does not matter. At some point in the meditation the sound may fade away and you may find yourself within a vast still and open realm filled with the energy of the universe. Swirling colors may even appear. This is perfectly fine, just go with it, for the mantra Ah activates and stimulates this particular experience.

At this point you would begin the “AH” Mantra.

Grounding Yourself

When you have completed your meditation remember to ground yourself deeply within the earth. It is very beneficial to practice chanting mantras daily. Mantras can help to keep your mind concentrated and attuned to the flow of experience and maintain a free flow of energy. Chanting silently or aloud throughout the day will also help you to remain grounded, balanced, and focused.

The Ah Mantra is also available for download in both the long version with full intro and also a pure Ah chant without the intro that flows into a Interactive Guided Grounding Meditation. The Interactive Guided Grounding Meditation is also available as a separate audio.

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And remember the more regularly you practice the ah chant, the more your sense of stillness will grow and the more you will begin to sense the subtle energies that flow through and around you.


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