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Can meditation be done twice a day or more?

Can meditation be done twice a day?

And if so what should be the timing

Yes, meditation can be done twice or many times in a day. But the best time varies from person to person, depending on schedule and needs. Below are recommendations for some good times to consider.

First thing in the morning: practicing your meditation routine first thing in the morning sets the tone for the entire day. While still in bed or before breakfast are generally good times to meditate.

Whenever you’re stressed or feel the need for a mini-meditation, it’s helpful to meditate for a few minutes whenever you feel overwhelmed or pressed for time. Mini-meditations will help you settle your mind, feel more relaxed, and think clearly about an appropriate next step or action.

On your lunch hour: as a daily meditation practice or as a mini-meditation. A midday meditation break has a number of potential benefits. It’s an effective way to de-stress after a long meeting or difficult conversation. It can relax tight muscles caused by sitting slumped over a computer. By breaking your normal cycle of thinking, it can also boost focus, creativity, and productivity.

End of your workday: For some people, meditating at the end of the workday is the perfect way to create a natural boundary between work and the rest of life.

Right before bedtime: Most experts say to avoid meditating too close to bedtime so that it doesn’t become confused with relaxing into sleep. But I disagree completely with this. In fact, meditating in bed just before sleep will give you a fuller and more refreshing rest. Plus it has the added benefit of giving you more control over your dream states and will supercharge you for your morning mediation.

To summarize one can do meditation at any place and time, but for best results one should meditate in the same place and at the same time each day.


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