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    7 Days: How to Meditate Made Easy

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    Try this 7 day course – How To Mediate Made Easy – and discover how meditation will leave you feeling clear and relaxed. This Meditation program has been designed for the beginner student. The programs training focus is to bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life so that you can successfully implemented it's benefits in a wide variety of social environments with positive results. It's easy – and fun – when you know how! Jason spills the beans on the shortcuts, how to avoid common mistakes and how to stay motivated, in this 7 day “How to Meditate Made Easy” course.
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    One Time Donation With Credit Card

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    For a One-Time-donation of your choosing (from $5 or more if you are feeling generous), you can become a Supporter of Yes, for somewhere between the price of bottled water to a nice dinner, you can support a platform that helps lead to real change. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude, your generosity is never taken for granted here. It means the world to me. More questions please follow the link to the Patronage Page ... Click this link for Direct Donation using PayPal One-Time Supporter Direct PayPal Donation
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    Premium Subscription Patron

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    For a recurring monthly donation you can become a Premium Subscription Patron of and by becoming a Supporting Patron you will have unlimited access to FREE Audio downloads, eBooks, exercises, tips and knowledge that I create. Plus you will be helping to keep relevant with premium content and an ad-free experience which is important to me and, I hope to you. So please become a regular subscription patron and lets help each other, I will help you to achieve your goals and life style changes, you will be able to ask me for FREE advice and support in the members area, and I will share my knowledge about meditation, mindfulness, health, personal development, yoga, and self-realization and you will be helping to keep the lights on and the wheels turning at
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