The Divine Spirit is real, but it has no form.
The journey is long and the rewards
cannot be weighed by materialistic
values. First you must attain an inner
stillness, attain it and maintain it without
conscious effort: that is the heart of

But the Divine is not an ideal; it is not a
concept that can be upheld, for it is a
state void of recrimination, a harmony
without the Utopian ideal. This is why it
cannot be grasped or found but can be
lost when one clings to the concept. If one
seeks the Divine Spirit then one will be
lead astray, for how can one seek that
which is absolutely void?

If one follows in Impeccable Devotion then it
is seen in clarity, neither coming nor
going “IT IS”. It is true that one cannot
hope to rid the self of all ideals, but it is
not the ideal that is the enemy, for the
ideal is but the result, the error lies in the
clinging or importance that is attached to
the ideal. Surrender this assumed
significance and destiny will fall by the
wayside. Such clinging idealism is a
disease that feeds the sense of self-

Discard it and become as a reed that bends
in the wind, discard this and become a
spore at the mercy of the wind, and
discard this and become the wind,
unaltered in your state, moving in accord
with the Divine.

One will not find the Divine though idealistic
Faith for it is absolutely all-inclusive.
Without an opposite, Divinity embraces
all. Utterly beyond words, it is too simple,
too obvious, to be caught in the web of


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