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Impeccable Devotion

Impeccable Devotion


Divinity manifests through superlative awareness, devotion, and effort—a direct materialization of Spirit attained only when Self journeys beyond the confines of Self.

If you look upon a single leaf, then that is an objective (concrete) perception, you have agreed that it is a leaf. If you step back and see that there are many leaves that come together and form a tree and that tree is one of many trees in a forest of trees, then that is the subjective nature of your human agreement. But this is not higher awareness; it is only the totality of your agreement. If you look and say, “That is a leaf,” then that is your subjective agreement perceiving an object. If you perceive an object and realize that Self is the subjective nature of that object, then ego forgets Self-identification and that is Impeccable Devotion.

Acting impeccably is not to deny the concrete because that would be against the nature of things. Impeccable Devotion is transpersonal in the context that being is the completeness of existing, a glorying in the act of being rather than the subject-objective interactions that your human agreement binds you too. It is a casting aside of the subjective ego in an impeccable act of devotion, a devotion that is filled with an awakened awareness of your dynamic Actions.

Illuminated higher beings interpret the meaninglessness of mental deliberation and act because there is nothing but one’s acts. To be is to be what one is, to act because that is one’s nature.

Higher beings do not perceive a Divine reality by repeating the word, higher beings are Self-realized through action and direct experiences that no longer follow an agreed pattern “acts of Impeccable Devotion”. One may say that the errant identity or ego now perceives its depths and acts according to the nature of this emptiness. One acts because one must act to be; things are things because of their acts. All things are meaningless, but through their acts meaning is created.

The higher being acts because there is nothing left. With the displacement of a human agreement, perceptions are clearer and less grounding. One begins to fly higher. Without roots the awareness becomes a cosmic wind of life with perfect accidents being the price of flight.

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