Joy of Sentiment

Joy of Sentiment

Saiai (Beloved), if everything is imagined then
our consciousness when gathered
completely takes flight and this world is the
dream, passing as a gentle breeze.
Therefore never will there be separation in
our seishin (spirit).

My joy of sentiment is that we are in union as
regards one in seishin (spirit). We divide
our roads, but in seishin (spirit) we will not

If in contemplation your thoughts are of me,
then I will feel the joy of your seishin (spirit)
in contact and there will be fullness in my
heart. And just as the nights condensation
gathers in the morning like sparkling dew
drops, so does my rabu (love) alight as a
dew drop upon your seishin (spirit) each

Of sorrow in regard to me is our divide. Your
heart which is placed in my center is deep,
yet ever moves with the damage of
sorrow divided in a foreign land. And as light
may never touch the darkness, that is as the
yoke of my gou (karma).

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