Day 0: Course Intro

This first part is an introduction with a super-quick welcome video for you, just to let you know what to expect over the next 7 days and a quick explanation on how the course is organized.

Day 1: Work book and Meditation Audio

For your first lesson you get your mediation workbook which you can read online or download the PDF file, you will also get a 10 minute daily meditation audio which can also be played online or downloaded for your convenience.

Day 4: Staying Motivated

In today’s lesson, I want to let you in on a little-known secret to staying motivated. And it’s simple – easy – zero cost – you could do it today: here’s what normally happens when we’re making changes in life!!! And maybe you have heard the saying Successful people are simply those with successful habits – Brian Tracy –

Day 2: Meditation Excuses

Are you telling yourself stories about not having enough time to meditate? So on day 2 we dive straight in and handle the #1 meditation excuse: I don’t have enough time!

Day 3: Meditation Myths

On day 3 we will sort out the number one meditation myth. It’s one that stops so many beginners in their tracks: I can’t shut up my mind! Maybe you have been told or read that the mind has to become silent, in order to learn how to meditate?

Day 5: Neural Pathways

Did you know that by day 5, you’ve already started to make changes in your brain? That you’re rewiring your neural pathways? That’s what happens with creating a new habit. You create new links between the synapses in your brain, changing your neurology.

Day 6: ‘Quit’ Danger-Point

You are so close now, how are you feeling about yourself? This Is The ‘Quit’ Danger-Point – Don’t Let That Happen To You. Most People Quit, Just When They Start To See Results.

Day 7: The Subconscious Mind

Today I am going to teach you how we undermine our own goals and what you can do to strengthen your personal desire and take charge of your subconscious mind.