Day 0: Course Intro (Free Preview)

Day 0: Introduction

Welcome and thank you for joining me on the 7 Days How to Meditate Made Easy Course. I am excited to take you on this introductory journey into this ancient and powerful practice

Today I’ve got a super-quick welcome video for you, just to let you know what to expect over the next 7 days.

There are three things I want to share with you before you start.

First is that whenever you finish a lesson you need to press the button on the right top bar, so it marks it as complete and updates your “Percent Complete” status.

Second, the way I have organized the course is that you only have access to the lessons you need right now. Each day, a new days content is unlocked. This helps us to focus on taking action on the current lessons, rather than falling into the temptation of wanting to “peek ahead”.

Third, this course gives you and introduction to meditation, giving you a solid practical foundation to start your meditation practice.

The guided meditation included will be available for each day, so you can choose whether to download it or listen to online.


Here’s to you and your fulfillment and growth into every tomorrow to come.

Anon and Ever,

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