Affirmation for Over Coming Sadness

Overcoming Sadness

Affirmation for Overcoming Sadness:. Affirmations can change your life for the better and the wonderful thing about these affirmations is that the more we use them, the more they effect your life.

Use it when you are feeling down, it is a way to separate yourself from the subconscious mind/ego programing. By repeating this affirmation you will be amazed at how quickly your subconscious mind stops controlling your feelings, since the root cause of your sadness is in the minds subconscious programing you can use this to wake yourself up at a conscious level.

Affirmation for overcoming sadness or emotions when you are feeling down

My Heart Is Not My
Soul, My Feelings
Are Not My Being.
By Dwelling
I Am Led Astray.


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