The (Real) Overlooked Reason the Hermit becomes Enlightened

The (Real) Overlooked Reason the Hermit becomes Enlightened

The concept of Compounding awareness is the process of generating more awareness from your residual of consciousness and then reinvesting the savings. This Compounding of awareness is the most powerful force in the universe and if your awareness is left untouched and isn’t squandered or diluted, it grows increasingly faster.

To work, this simple process only requires two things:

First is the practice of generating extra awareness through meditation which you can then reinvest,

Second is the mindful reinvestment of this awareness earned, this has a compounding effect on your awareness which will then grow your initial consciousness exponentially.

For the serious meditator it is the greatest strategy possible, and the No.1 argument for starting this practice as early as possible. Below I give an examples of the normal practice of acquiring an awareness boost and an example of using compounding awareness.

Normal Practice #1: Meditator Jill

Jill takes the time to make a daily investment of meditation every morning and evening for 30 minutes, Jill’s sense of joy and peace grows from this regular investment of daily meditation and Jill’s awareness grow from average to above average.

Jill continues to meditate regularly for a number of year, but still Jill’s awareness is just a little above average, for some reason even through Jill is a regular meditator she only manages to save a small percentage of extra awareness from her meditation practices.

And even through each meditation session gives Jill a boost to her awareness, this only translates to an exchange of time devoted to meditation equals extra awareness.

Jill’s only way of increasing awareness is to pay for the increase by the devotion of time, but this increase is only temporary and Jill has to pay for the extra boost each day by exchanging time in her meditation practice.

So even through Jill’s invested creates an increase in her joy and peace and gives Jill more balance in her life, Jill still has to work or sell time to achieve this boost.

Compounding Practice #2: Meditator John

An investment of regular meditation every morning and evening for 30 minutes was made daily, and John’s sense of joy and peace grows from this regular investment of time. John’s awareness also grows from average to above average.

John then takes this extra awareness and instead of spending it on the daily routine of living. John holds onto that extra awareness through the practice of mindful living, john instead of spending awareness daily, saves his awareness through the practice of mindful living and then reinvests that awareness.

John continues to meditate regularly for a number of years, and his awareness begins to have a remarkable effect on his meditation practice, which grows even deeper and more wonderful, but not only does Johns meditation become more deeply satisfying. John begins to experience deeper insight and wisdom and people even start seeking John’s advice.

Life for John becomes one long journey that continues to grow deeper into joy and harmony. John finds contentment and bliss, John even finds that it is not necessary for him to mediate regularly to feel that same heightened sense of joy. In fact, for John life is simply bliss.

While for some reason even through Jill is a regular meditator and through each meditation session Jill gets a boost to her awareness, this only translates into an exchange of time and labor, Jill must pay again and again each day with her valuable time to achieve peace of mind.

Without reinvesting the extra boost that meditation gives to awareness, the initial investment of time and labor does not grown. But by saving your awareness you earn interest on your investment, and by consuming awareness you are borrowing from your source and instead pay interest.

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