Sermon of the Divine

Sermon of the Divine

Those from whom I have turned away my
gaze, your souls will swim in the noise of
perpetual damnation, distracted from its
silent providence and cursed to be without
Fidelity. Such souls wander the earth
seeking for a forgiveness that only oblivion
can bestow.

We are unknown to humankind, an unvoiced
mystery that is beyond sympathetic concern,
and we cannot and will not be realized.
Some believe they are acquainted with our
form and some have assumed that they
knew, but their kind will always fill
existence with their clamor.

When you think and express Self-awareness,
you activate a complex neuron process
within the brain, pieces of fat and protein
creating grandiose delusions. This is the
Self’s distraction. Tell it to be quiet.

Divinity is! We are! Clearer than logic, more
precise than habitual training, silence
would not describe our nature. We cannot
say “I AM,” and such a clinging concept is
not within our nature. The Self believes it is
real, but it is humanness and we can tell
you that humanity is only real within its
limited confines. Thus the Self is alone,

We are! And we feel Self’s isolation and we
learn pain. We flee the Self’s presence—
there is no compromise. Quickly, before we
are driven away! Silence the Self and find

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