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Songs of Pleasure and Pain

Songs of Pleasure and Pain


Stop. Listen. Who do you hear whom do you feel.

Is there something calling to you can you not
hear its song: but no this cannot be for
how can a tree, a rock, or the coldness of
the air sing a song to you.

When you are struck down by a disease, is
that not your soul singing to you, when
you bite into a juicy red apple does not
that apple sing to your body.

All things sing songs of joy and sorrow the
songs of joy bring happiness and
pleasure and the songs of sorrow bring
wisdom and learning, so stop and listen,
do not resist, do not run away.

Listen to the mosquito buzzing in your ear,
the tree swaying gently in the breeze and
the songs of hot and cold.

As a tear drips from your eye it sings its
song of sorrow, as a smile comes to your
lips it sings its song of joy, as the wind
blows through your hair it sings its song
of freedom.

As the bee thrusts its sting deep into your
flesh it sings its song of death, and as the
newborn opens its eyes it sings its song of

These are the songs of joy and sorrow
wisdom and learning all will strike you
deep within, all will strike you deep
within, all will help you learn, if you will
but stop and listen to the song within.


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