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The Enlightenment Trap

Enlightenment Trap

The disciple through devotion and discipline strives to become a Witness of their humanity and its self-awareness. seeking the state of unified awareness, the 8th state of beingness, often simply called Enlightenment.

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Samadhi a 3 Step Process

Samadhi a 3 Step Process

In the begging Samadhi will come in flashes of realization, which will grow into long states of heightened perception. Until finally you will simply realize yourself. This is self-realization and is a gate way state that steps into Samadhi.

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What is enlightenment and how it can be achieved?

What is Enlightenment

Enlightened beings recede from the world of structure …. Ascension is a misunderstanding of the nature of enlightenment. The entity rather than rising up into heaven …..until they become hidden, hidden even from God.