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The Enlightenment Trap

Enlightenment Trap


Ego or Self explores itself through 7 states of Self-awareness “this is called Humanness” and from the moment we are born we indulge this game playing state.

The disciple through devotion and discipline strives to become a Witness of their humanity and its self-awareness. seeking the state of unified awareness, the 8th state of beingness, often simply called Enlightenment. In this state they can no longer truly be called human, but neither are they free!!!!.

In this 8th state of No-Self the enlightened disciple observes humanity, Self has become self-evident and eternity an endless ocean of indulgence, yet they are not indulgent, for awareness is their currency, their preciousness and they are the pinnacle of the ascetic philosophy.

This 8th state of awareness which is beyond human comprehension, for how can man comprehend that the nature of asceticism can be simultaneously fully permissive, the devotee has transformed the self and become a Witness, a gate keeper to the Absolute.

The Witness now needs only open the door to the Absolute to be consumed within its eternal ocean of emptiness, a simple surrender of Non-Self and the enlightened one can ascend awareness. An impossible paradox for Self to conceptualize, and even Non-Self is unable to grasp this Absolute, hence the trap or loop with which the enlightened Witness is imprisoned.

One could say that Atman (for the devotee is no longer a man) longs to be united with the absolute Paramatman, but can the Witness, witness the Witness in a comprehensiveness that is beyond the non-dual state. The 8th state of no-self is a witness to the absolute. But in this perceiving of the absolute Paramatman, the Atman is blinded to the 9th state of non-being.

The enlightened Witness is now trapped in the 8th state of oneness, trapped within the Non-Self, condemned to observe. They have become the eternal Witness, bound by the great deceiver, as their God drinks the blood of their consciousness.



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