The Time Syntax

The Time Syntax

We measure time in cycles of the suns movements, hours, minutes, seconds and so on. Also time is distance and light speed. All the while assuming that it’s a fundamental construct of reality, a mathematical immutable law.

We never stop to think that these measurements are our own creations and that if we so choose we could for example change how we calculated light speed and nothing would change, the universe would still tick by, measured and calculated by humans.

What we never imaged was that time is a human construct, a manifestation of a human cultural syntax. For example it was not the unit of time or the rotations of the sun that created time, but humans marking their festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and so on that created not only the culture but the sense of time also.

Each human culture sensed and measured time differently, not because of mathematics or the speed of light, but because the marking of their rituals and for this reason alone time is in truth a manifestation of culture and its syntax. The syntax embeds the rituals into the language and the language embeds time into the culture.

For example we are western because of our agreed rituals such as Xmas, Easter, Footy Grand finale, Wedding universities, Birthdays, and rules that say work starts at 7 am or 9 am and we eat meals at such a time and church is on Sundays. We can never be Hindu, Muslim, or a Native in the amazon jungle unless we change our rituals and rules. The Hindu sense of time is different to the Westerners and the Natives in the amazon jungle sense of time is different to the Hindu sense of time, and each is frustrated by what they see as irrational responses to their sense of time.

Time is the human measure of existence; it is what keeps us uniquely human and bound to this small point within awareness. Break these agreed rules and time slips way, we may say where did the time go or wow time really flew. In these moments time seems to change, but really we simply broke a cultural rule, we may have skipped lunch or were simply so focused on our activity that the cultural rules were momentary forgotten and so time became irrelevant.

Children are most conscious of time and often complain about its length, but that is because unlike adults who can change the rules to some degree, child are forced to obey the strict rules of time and so are very aware of every minute.

Now this can bend the mind a little, since we cannot contemplate outside of time. Time is fundamental to our place in the universe, and let’s face it, it’s easier to have scientific rules. Rules make us feel safe, rules really do rule if you will pardon the punt.

So how do we wrap our heads around this thinking, how can we contemplate this new awareness and turn something that actually does not exist to our advantage.

Well first, can we throw out time travel? Or can we bent time and hence travel backwards or forwards. First let’s try and understand time simply through perception. Image you are in a car and you look in the rearview mirror and see another vehicle behind you, the mirror has enabled you to perceive and event in the past, since your light particles are ahead of the vehicle behind you, you are technically a micro second in the future.

Now here is the twist, you cannot see into the future, because if you could then everything would be predetermined. So what does this mean? Consider what happened with the rearview mirror, the mirror seemed to give the impression that you could see into the past, because you assumed you were seeing into the future.

So the first realization is that we are all traveling backwards, or to be more precise we are all viewing the past the very micro second that it happens, we are actually living in the past. This realization also explains the experience of the “NOW” moment, the mystical “NOW” that deep meditation experience. The meditator moves into the smallest of gaps, the gap between perceiving backwards and forwards in time.

The how of this “NOW” is to simply stop observing, and to stop participating in the actions of time. Now this is nothing new, mystics have been raving about this for thousands of years, and there is nothing new I can add to the story.

Except this one thought.

If we can become aware of the “NOW” what would happen if we became aware of the light particles ahead of us?

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