What Should I Do When I Have a Low Spirit?

What Should I Do When I Have a Low Spirit?

Struggling to overcome this feeling we take hold of Self’s illusions, we gather these feelings as a miser collects his coins, breathing in the very sinew of Self and as a warrior casts his spear, we drive the enemy into the abyss rendering a hole in the fabric of our humanity. – hoping that this little poetic verse might give you a boost of resolution.

Ok so this answer may not be what you expect, as I am coming from the prospective of spiritual development and not an emotional prospective, but in saying this the lines do cross between the emotional and spiritual in this area.

First your feeling of being low in spirit is a sign you are ready to grow beyond your current self, but the low feeling is generated by the ego which feels threatened by this change.

If you choose to the accepted path of distracting yourself and tell yourself its only temporary and go hangout with friends, buy a treat or any of the million ways you can distract yourself from your feelings until the low point pasts then it will simply manifest again at some point in the future, maybe in a week or month or maybe years later.

But if you choose instead to grow and in a way become reborn within yourself, then you will see this low for the message it really is.

Low points are messages of change and growth, and our sadness or depression is only resistance to this change.

So first accept your feelings as an opportunity, then try to become an observant witness within your Self. Watch your feeling, let them flow through you and discard any ideas of censure or approval.

Only you can truly know the form this change with take, but whether it’s a mental change or physical change that is happening or even needed. By observing your feelings and accepting them. You will also see more clearly the path of change that is calling to you.

If you know how to meditate then this will help you transition through this growth as meditation quietens the ego.

Getting outside and long walks will also help you to contemplate your feelings away from distractions.

You need to understand that you are lucky because you now have the opportunity to choose between what you are now and have become accustomed to, and your yet unfulfilled Self-realization.

Such Self-realizing awareness, of course, requires a certain realignment in the way we interact with the world. Crossing the boundaries of one’s own character and stepping out of habitual patterns and routines, and even surrendering certain beliefs and thoughts is called for, so it’s natural to instinctively reject this transition.

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