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Why and how does meditation work?

Why and how does meditation work?


People who meditate regularly experience less stress, more calm, more happiness and a sense of being present in every moment.

This is because Meditation works in two ways, first it breaks the thought loops that buildup and cycle in an endless loop that may or may not serve a purpose but often create stress and anxiety.

So regular meditation allows us to clean out all the junk and the stress that clutters the mind.

You can imagine your mind as a room. Every day, there is lots of junk that gets piled into ourselves – our mind, heart and soul.

This junk comes in the form of negative thoughts, emotions and energy and you become a living trash container with junk thoughts and emotions.

Cleaning out this junk and breaking these thought loops gives us more clarity, reduces the chattering mind and increases relaxation and focus.

The second factor is that the body physically builds up stress in the muscles, this tension buildup restricts blood flow, and decreases oxygen in the blood by affecting one’s breathing and rises blood pressure. This in turn increases anxiety, stress and reduces the ability to focus and concentrates.

Meditation also affects the prefrontal cortex area of the brain which over time stables or increases prefrontal cortex activity. The prefrontal cortex—the most evolved brain region—intelligently regulates our thoughts, actions and emotions through extensive connections with other brain regions, and is affected by even mild stress which can then cause a rapid and dramatic loss of prefrontal cognitive abilities.

In a nut shell; meditation helps lower blood pressure, decreases anxiety, and improves heart rate, breathing, and cognitive abilities. Tension and tightness seeps from muscles as the body is freed from mental overload and is able to quietly relax.

Meditation is effective because it affects both the mental and physical aspects simultaneously.


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