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Would You Recognize The Enlightened

would one easily know the enlightened


Meditation in itself will not lead to enlightenment, but is a vital tool needed to become enlightened.

I have a short article which explains why mediation alone will not lead to enlightenment if you wish to follow up on this aspect. The (real) Overlooked Reason the Hermit becomes Enlightened

Theoretically it is possible to achieve the first stage of enlightenment in about 10 years, but a more realistically time frame would be 20 years if you are very committed and do not fall for the ego traps which imprison most students.

There is a modern fad where people are claiming instant enlightenment without any effort but if you’re honest with yourself you know this is ridicules.

There is also some confusion amongst different schools of thought, about whether enlightenment is instantaneous or progressive. But this confusion is because although enlightenment is a progressive development, it is often not recognized until it has fully manifested, thus it can seem even to the enlightened one that their enlightenment was instantaneous.

The other confusion revolves around enlightenment terminology, this is because enlightenment is in four stages, and although the first stage of self-realization is not actually enlightenment but a profound self-realization. (This is different to self-actualization).

The self-realization stage is both profound and a supreme ego trap which entraps the student and this is also the very reason there are so very few actual enlightened masters. But no shortage of people claiming to be enlightened.

The first true stage of enlightenment one develops Atman awareness, in Hinduism it is called Savikalpa-samādhi, Buddhism anāgāmi (Pali for “non-returning”), Christianity. The Holy Spirit, Alchemy philosopher’s stone.

It would be very unlikely that the unenlightened could know if someone was truly Enlightenment, but there are auric/energetic differences between humans and the enlightened so it is theoretically possible to work out a method of measuring the differences.

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